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Co-Teaching Practices that Inspire Engagement and Achievement in Remote Learning Environments

Co-teaching in remote learning environments can be effective with planning for success. Co-teachers must  learn new and innovative ways to... View Article

Planning for Co-Teaching – Specially Designed instruction

Collaborative planning has a significant impact on the academic and behavioral success of all learners. Educators need to have an... View Article

From Panicked to Powerful Partnerships – Communication is Key!

Panic and stress can trigger when co-teachers are not prepared for the co-teaching relationship. Panic changes to purpose when educators... View Article

Supporting Co-Teaching: The Administrator’s Guide

Administrators that understand the components involved in establishing successful co-teaching can provide support for their co-teachers and students. This session... View Article


Co-Teaching is the most complex collaborative partnership on the continuum of collaborative practices in today’s inclusive classrooms. Educators will learn... View Article

Co-Teaching Models

Co-Teaching is the fastest growing inclusive practice across America for students with disabilities and English language learners.